Fly away


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Nora lives her life as a fantasy with her cherished stuffed friends, Mr. bear and Honey bunny. They are the only positive role models she has.

Understanding at a young age that little things can make a big difference, she and her stuffed friends are bothered by a pesky dragonfly that is disrupting their private tea party. Upsetting it is that a simple dragonfly has more freedom and options than herself.

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Fly away is not your typical, joyful children’s picture book. It is more of a parenting picture book. Please understand it is a

“not for young children” children’s book. (PG)

At the end of the day, we all want to be loved and cared for, we all want positive role models and good friends. Many children are without all of the above.

In this day and age it seems to be that so many families are failing due to selfishness of the parents. Please reconsider giving that child a cell phone or an iPad to play with. A coloring or activity book are ideal when you want your child to entertain themselves. Try to limit “screen time” as much as possible, they will get enough of it as young adults. And for crying out loud, know what your kids are doing!